I’ve made 2015 about raising money for Macmillan by doing triathlons and more, and would love for you to find out why!

All about Rob

A few quick nuggets

Get to know me in little, bit-size chunks. If you ever want to know which tattoo I’m getting next, which of my Spurs shirts is my favourite, or anything else for that matter, just reach out!

Not a scottish bard

My full name is Robbie (not Robert), and I’m named after the famous Robbie Burns – the Scottish national treasure that is the poet who wrote Auld Lang Syne.

I was actually named Robbie because it was a name my parents hoped Italians could say. They can’t.

Inked in a few places

I’ve got a growing tattoo collection:
Three ampersands (BE Garamond, Skolar italic, and United Sans);
an excerpt of Ave Maria;
a quote about maturity on the back of my ribs;
and a few dates to mark personal achievements on my left breast.

I’ll be adding more for sure, but there’s plenty of time for that so I’m in no rush to fill up just yet.

Life-long Spurs lad

I’ve been a Tottenham Hotspur fan since I was old enough to kick a ball, and throughout the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of Lilywhite shirts.

My collection includes kits signed by the likes of David Ginola, Steffen Freund, Paul Robinson, and more!

Favorite food?

It’s a toss up between my mum’s sausage, bacon, and mushroom stew; and my dad’s hand-kneaded, home-made pizza.

Both are as good as one another, but there was no icon for the stew, so that made it easier!


What’s not to love about gorging on turkey, all the trimmings, and mum’s amazing pudding selection.

I prefer Christmas to my birthday because it’s about everyone being happy. Not just me.

And the food reason again.

Patriotic NFL fan

I’m new to the hand-egg scene, but in the few times I’ve visited ‘murica, my favourite city has been Boston, by a country mile!

The New England Patriots play in Boston, and as of the 2014/15 season I’m part of the #PatsNation.

A list for a life time

As 2014 left, and 2015 kicked into full swing I opted to – instead of making resolutions instead of making resolutions – create a bucket list.

Here’s the plan. This is a list of things I want to do before I’ve had my lot. For every month that I don’t do one, another goes on the list.

If by some miracle, I finish them before I’ll add five more everytime that happens. Sound good? Good.

Complete a triathlon

I like swimming, cycling and running… Not sure there’s a better suited event for me!

Added 1 Jan 15
Completed 12 Jul 15

Run a marathon

There have been fewer prouder moments than watching my mum run a marathon, now it’s my turn.

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Jump out of a plane

Skydiving is on everyone’s bucket list, right?

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Learn to ski backwards

There’s something fun about skiing backwards infront of rookies, I want to perfect it.

Added 1 Jan 15
Completed 8 Mar 15

Get my pug

Pugs are the best, most gorgeous, best dogs ever. Frank Jr will be the best wingman!

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Speak at a conference

When I finally work out something worth telling people, this’ll happen.

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Design a complete typeface

I’ve got too many part-finished typefaces, but this might take me going back to the University of Reading for an MA to complete.

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Go on a pan-american road trip

Rooooaaaad trrriiiip etc etc!

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Go vegetarian for a month

Old Rob wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this, but I can give up steak for a month. Maybe. God, this one will hurt.

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Climb a mountain

My brother climbed a mountain, and I can’t have him having completed goals that I haven’t.

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Go on a safari

Who doesn’t want to do this?

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Compete in and complete an Iron Man

A full Iron man is 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and then a marathon. It’s a triathlon, but on another level. Bring it on!

Added 1 Jan 15
Not yet completed

Visit all seven continents

I’ve travelled relatively well in Europe, and been lucky enough to get to the States a few times; but Africa, Asia, South America, Antarctica and Australia are still on the list!

Added 1 Feb 15
Not yet completed

Win a game of Monopoly

It’s a game we played a fair bit growing up, but my obsession with getting the brown set has meant I’ve never actually won a game.

Added 1 Mar 15
Not yet completed

Learn to make sushi

Let’s be real: who doesn’t love sushi? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to make it yourself? I reckon it would.

Added 1 Apr 15
Not yet completed

Complete Tough Mudder

Not sure why this wasn’t in my first twelve, but Tough Mudder has always looked awesome! Adding it a day before you’re doing it is totally not cheating.

Added 1 May 15
Completed 2 May 15