I’ve made 2015 about raising money for Macmillan by doing triathlons and more, and would love for you to find out why!

My life’s work

I’ve always been told that “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well…” I prefer to go one further and create something that I’m proud enough to shout about!

Preview of University of Reading

University of Reading

2013–14 • Design & front-end • Custom CMS

I started work in the Digital Development team at the University of Reading in early June 2013, and just over seven months, a lot of hard work, and a few too many coffees later we launched the new, and improved reading.ac.uk.

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Preview of Hotspur Related

Hotspur Related

2014 • Design & front-end • Wordpress

As a life-long Tottenham fan, when Ross approached me about creating a website to accompany his Twitter account – of which I was a avid follower – it was an insta-yes!

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Preview of St George’s JCR 2014

St George’s JCR 2014

2014 • Design & front-end • Static Gulp build

As the 2013 team moved on, the 2014 team came in; Joe – a first year when I was president – now president himself came to me about updating the website for the new team.

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Preview of Fueled Press page

Fueled Press page

2015 • Front-end • Middleman build

At Fueled, we get talked about a lot, whether people are reviewing our latest kick-ass app, singing praise about the Fueled Collective, or just waxing lyrical about Rameet’s beard… having a repository for all of those articles was a must!

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Preview of Lion and Lamb Lodge

Lion and Lamb Lodge

2014 • Branding, design & front-end • Anchor CMS

I’m always down for taking on projects that fascinate me, and the Lion and Lamb Lodge of Freemasons did just that. I built a simple, type-focused site to help promote their lodge digitally.

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Preview of St George’s JCR 2013

St George’s JCR 2013

2013–14 • Design & front-end • Static Grunt build

Having built the previous two sites for the committee while I was a member, and then a president, the new team got me back in to revamp, and refresh it for the new year.

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Preview of Middleplate


2015 • Design & front-end • Middleman & ruby

At Fueled and on my site, Middleman is the workhorse that makes it all possible. Middleplate is a Middleman boilerplate with extra features and blogging ready out of the box.

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Other work

This is a range of work from small freelance work, to university briefs, to side projects for a laugh, and anything in between.

Oxford Times

2013 • Design & front-end • PHP

News can, and is regularly accessed across a wide range of devices. This project focused on how to best display modular, dynamic information across a range of screen sizes, and was my most, and least favourite brief from my entire degree. It kept me up at night, but I poured my heart and soul into it; and ultimately earning an Examiners’ Award for the project.

Although this was only ever a university project, you can still have a play with the semi-functional prototype or look over the faux-launch poster.

LEGO not Legos

2013 • Design & front-end • Static Gulp build

legonotlegos.com was an idea born out of a simple domain sale from (mt) and a personal hatred for the incorrect pluralisation of LEGO. Legos is not a thing, 99% of the time people mean LEGO bricks – “Ouch. I stepped on the LEGOs bricks!”.

This was purely for fun, but now and again I take to Twitter armed with the #LEGOnotLegos hashtag and the everlasting pain of standing on the damn bricks as a kid!

Monica Rossi

2014 • Design & front-end • Anchor CMS

Monica Rossi – my cousin – came to me about sorting out a few out of date images on her site that she couldn’t change, but the site was visually outdated and I took it as an opportunity to practice a few JS bits and create site’s image lightbox from scratch.

She’s a fantastic freelance make-up artist so be sure to give her a shout if you’re in need of one!

The Boston Project

On going • Typeface design

TY3TYP – Typeface Design – was one of my favourite modules I studied at University. Tutored by Gerry Leonidas, we each designed a thin-on-the-ground typeface.

When I graduated, I wanted to carry on doing it so I kicked off the Boston Project. Currently the only look at it is on Dribbble, but creating a case-study for this is on my to do list!

Priory Park Dentalcare

2010 and 2014 • Design & front-end • Static HTML

This was one of my first site’s that I built in a professional capacity, and was for my then-girlfriend’s dad who owns a private dental practice in St. Albans.

This site is soon to change to a static Middleman build, so until then we’ll keep the link under wraps; although Google will show you the way if my SEO work went to plan!