I’ve made 2015 about raising money for Macmillan by doing triathlons and more, and would love for you to find out why!

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So you wanna get in touch, eh? Here’s how…

Get in touch about anything, and everything. Anything except for YouTube work. I don’t do it anymore, but you can read about that in my journal.

If you’re looking for my employment and education history, you can read all about that in my CV.


For chatting about projects or asking long questions.

If you’ve read about my process and want me on a freelance job; or you’re dying to ask a super-duper long question then email is the way forward.


For asking short questions or just having a chat.

If you can squeeze it into 140 of your juiciest characters then Twitter is the place to do it! Be warned though, my twitter has no profanity filter.


For checking out what I’ve been working on.

This is less for contacting, more for looking. If you want to see what I’ve been doing – both with Fueled and outside of my role there – then Dribbble is the place to look.

Other social media

I’m a social fiend. You can find me on here as well: