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I’m not a designer on YouTube anymore

Some of you know me for my design on YouTube. It's what helped me to get to where I am now, but I don't do it at all anymore. Find out why.

A bit of a history lesson

Rob on YouTube

Many years ago I began making YouTube videos as part of the FuZe Team – a team of mates that played Call of Duty socially – under the alias of PaNiiKzZ. We made commentaries, a few montages, and the like. The truth is that I was only really in it because I could do some okay-ish editing, and do some decent design bits to go with it (I was never that good at CoD).

Through this I made a few contacts in the CoD community, through doing backgrounds and thumbnails. This lead to work with bigger people, and networks, and eventually led to two things – designing for JJ, and being the Content Manager for Yeousch Graphics.

On top of this I was designing YouTube backgrounds on a freelance basis for anyone who wanted to buy one from me. It was a great way to earn a few extra quid while I was at university. It was nice because it meant that you didn't need a million subscribers to be wearing a channel design from me.

However, after moving into my final year of university, and ever since, I've had less than enough time to fulfil most requests that are made of my services; it pains me even more that the majority of people who ask via email or Twitter don't even get a reply from me. That is part of the reason I've taken the time to update this site.

So what now?

Going forward

Unfortunately, none of this has changed. Quite the contrary, I have a full time job as a Digital Designer, I work as a freelance designer and Tuts+ tutor on the side, and simply don't have enough time to post videos on YouTube, or create YouTube artwork.

Does that mean no more YouTube, ever? I won't ever say never, but it seems unlikely. YouTube are failing to treat their creators with respect, and that discourages me further from going out of my way to create content. That said, who knows what the future holds.

And YouTube design work as well? Sadly, yes. I won't be doing paid design work on YouTube anymore – the price that it would need to be to make it economcially viable for my time just isn't fair for you guys to have to pay. I'll still be doing work with JJ, but I can't even see myself working with any other YouTubers in the not to distant future. As with the content creation, I won't rule out anything, if the right client came along I might be swayed, but it would have to be someone similar in size and caliber to JJ himself.

Non-YouTube design work

I will however continue to do freelance web design, and front-end development, so if you feel like you're in need of my website services then get in touch. Remember though that websites start at around £1,500 so serious requests only please.

If you just fancy a chat, or want to say hi, then get me on Twitter and we can have a catch up.

A few thank yous

I couldn't leave without saying cheers

I've mentioned JJ and Yeousch, and for a long while they were the two reasons that I kept doing what I did, so thank you to the both of them for everything.

Thanks also to everyone who subscribed (and is still subscribed) to me, everyone I've worked with, worked for, and inspired to work.

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