I’ve made 2015 about raising money for Macmillan by doing triathlons and more, and would love for you to find out why!

How I work

This will cover everything from kick off to after care, and all the steps in between.

1. What we need

Before we start a project, we need three things. Without all of them, we’ve not got a project worth kicking off.

My interest

Working full time, means that I’m only able to take on a limited number of projects. As a result, I can get quite picky. Don’t be offended if your idea isn’t something that tickles my fancy.

Your desire

It’s simple. Projects are only worth investing time and money in if you want it to succeed. If your heart isn’t in it, it makes it very tough for me to get into it. If you want it, let’s do it!

A budget

I don’t work for free. Ever. Websites start at £1,500; if you’ve got that or more to invest then read up on the costs.

2. Costs

Money buys my time, which allows me to produce great designs, and builds for your project.

I work on project rates – we agree a quote before-hand, and you’ll not have to pay a penny more than that (sometimes the project will take less time, or be easier than I’d first thought and you’ll actually pay less!).

The basics

The £1,500 base rate covers the design and build of simple site (and any related assets), with limited back-end integration. I’m happy to work on bigger sites; and prices increase accoringly.

All projects are responsive out of the box, so they’ll work on mobile, tablet etc.

Browser testing

Any project comes tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mobile Safari and Opera; as well as IE9 and IE11.

If you need it to be IE8 or Android compliant, this will add 25% to the total budgt.

Domain and hosting

I’m happy for you to maintain your hosting and domain name, but if you don’t want the extra hassle then I can take that weight off your mind. Costs will be project-specific, we’ll agree these before kick off.

Once we’ve agreed on a project rate, and the scope for the deliverables, I’ll take a deposit of 50% or £500 (which ever is lower). The payment of this deposit is confirmation from you that you agree with our agreed terms.

3. How I work

Now comes the fun bit! We’ll take your concept, my ideas; throw them together, say the magic words and…


Throughout the project I’ll reach out to you with development updates, wireframes (if we’ve agreed that as a deliverable), snapshots of the progress.

Got a question along the way? Just ask!

Pixel pushing

I’ll get to work designing, keeping you in the loop throughout.

In most cases we’ll flesh out a few screens in high fidelity; you’ll get a chance to comment on them, and I’ll make a round of amends (if we need it – my plan is to have you love it from the first time you see it!)

Bring it to life

This is where the magic happens. I’ll transform the flat image you’ve seen into a delicious website. At this stage you’ll see the interaction, UX layer that brings it all together.

I’ll do all the things I need to, to keep your code clean, and future-proof.

4. Launch

There’s something exciting, and nerve racking about putting a project out into the wild. This is that time!


If I’ve done my job right (and I’m sure I will have), this step is easy. Press a few buttons and whoosh your website is live on the interwebs.

Enjoy it!

Analytics analysis

The job’s not done yet. The first few weeks of a new project will tell us how it’s doing, and if anything needs improving. If the site has ads, we’ll check the revenue, if there are products, we’ll check the sales.

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

With this data, and – if we can – some user feedback, we’ll tackle any problems that have arisen and improve where we can.

Websites (unlike print) are an on-going engagement, if you want we can start planning a phase two!

Client testimony

I’m sure that you’ll love bringing me on board, but don’t just take my word for it…

“We were looking for a responsive website using beautiful fonts with a clean minimalist look. Rob delivered this and the site has turned out better than we could have hoped for. Our site looks beautiful whether viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

“He was an absolute pleasure to work with and delivered the project well ahead of schedule and under the quoted budget.

“If you need a website then we could not think of anyone better to deliver this than Rob.”

Russel H, Lion and Lamb Lodge

“Having worked with Rob for a number of years now, I knew that he'd be able to deliver a great shop experience for my new project; and he did not disappoint!”

Olajide Olatunji, ksiolajidebt.com

“Rob has designed the last three St. George’s JCR website, and this one is amazing. Perfect, and modern, but gets across the information.”

Tilly Corless, St. George’s JCR 2013