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Design and shit

Join our Slack team for discussions on, well, design and shit.

For a long time we’ve used Twitter as a platform for discussion, but 140 characters can really stifle (and spam) a conversation in a way that it wasn’t designed to be used.

Slack changed the way we communicate at Fueled; and I’ve recently joined a few localised Slack teams, and it got me thinking. So I put the idea to Twitter and we came up with (after some pretty terrible and amazing name ideas) Design and shit.

It’s open to anyone – designers, developers, illustrators, none of the above – so get in touch if you want to join in discussions about:

Eventually I’ll set up some kind of automated invite service, but until then, this’ll have to do.

We only have one rule at the moment, and that’s ‘Don’t be a dick’. If you’re a dick then you’ll quickly find yourself dumped on your arse outside the Slack team. Boom!

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